A progressive parent has defended her decision to subject her innocent toddler to the sight of a fully exposed man’s behind at a Pride parade. When confronted about the appropriateness of such an act, she confidently declared that it must be the right thing to do simply because conservatives disapprove.

In a world where logical reasoning seems to have taken a vacation, this liberal parent stands as a shining beacon of progressive brilliance. She firmly believes that exposing her impressionable child to adult-themed events is an act of enlightenment, fueled solely by the fact that it sends conservatives into a frenzy of disapproval.

“I mean, come on! If conservatives are against it, it must be the epitome of righteousness,” she exclaimed, her eyes gleaming with the joy of defiance. “By deliberately thrusting my toddler into an environment that challenges their traditional values, I’m molding the future generation to be open-minded and accepting.”

When asked about the potential consequences of exposing a young child to explicit adult content, the parent brushed off the concerns with an air of superiority. “Oh, please! We live in a modern world where children can handle anything. Who needs innocence and protection when you can have a kid who can discuss gender identities and sexual preferences at the tender age of three?”

Clearly, this parental pioneer’s unwavering commitment to virtue signaling knows no bounds. Her dedication to proving her ideological superiority is truly commendable, even if it comes at the expense of her own child’s emotional well-being.

Meanwhile, the toddler in question was reportedly seen standing with wide-eyed confusion, his innocence shattered by a display that he was far too young to comprehend. But hey, who cares about traumatizing a child when you can stick it to conservatives, right?

In a final statement, the proud parent proclaimed, “Conservatives can huff and puff all they want, but I’m going to keep exposing my child to controversial and inappropriate situations. Because at the end of the day, what matters most is that they grow up to be individuals who align with my progressive agenda, regardless of the emotional toll it may take.”

Indeed, dear readers, we find ourselves in an era where common sense and parental responsibility take a backseat to political posturing and defiance. But fear not, for the liberal parent’s noble mission to make conservatives uncomfortable will undoubtedly inspire a new generation of children to navigate the complexities of life with little regard for their emotional well-being.

And to think, all of this simply because conservatives don’t like it.