A wave of feminists has reportedly declared their newfound enthusiasm for traditional gender roles as WWIII looms on the horizon. It seems the imminent collapse of society has sparked an unexpected yearning for the simpler times of yesteryear.

“Actually, doing the dishes suddenly has a huge appeal,” confessed Emily Winters, a self-proclaimed feminist and activist. “There’s something comforting about the predictability of scrubbing plates when everything else is falling apart.”

This sentiment seems to be spreading like wildfire among feminist circles, with many embracing the roles they once vehemently opposed. From baking pies to ironing shirts, these feminists are finding solace in activities they once considered relics of patriarchal oppression.

“It turns out there’s a certain peace in folding laundry,” admitted Sarah Williams, another feminist who has recently discovered the joys of traditional homemaking. “Who would’ve thought?”

The shift has left many traditionalists scratching their heads, unsure whether to celebrate the return to traditional values or to question the motivations behind this sudden change of heart.

“It’s a bit like watching a vegan suddenly crave a juicy steak,” mused Gary Thompson, a local conservative. “You’re happy they’ve seen the light, but you can’t help but wonder what took them so long.”

As chaos continues to brew, only time will tell if this newfound appreciation for traditional gender roles among feminists is a fleeting trend or a lasting change. One thing is for sure: the apocalypse has a funny way of reshuffling priorities.