Middlesex University has announced its decision to rebrand itself as “Intersex University.” This change aims to reflect the institution’s commitment to diversity, but critics argue it’s merely an attempt to out-woke other universities.

“Middlesex University has always been at the forefront of progressive ideals,” said the university’s spokesperson, sporting a tie-dyed blazer and Birkenstocks. “This name change is the next logical step in our journey towards a more inclusive educational environment.”

The decision has sparked a flurry of reactions, with some applauding the university’s commitment to inclusivity while others questioning the necessity of the change.

“I’m all for inclusivity, but this feels a bit like renaming a bakery to ‘Gluten-Free Bakery’ when they already offer gluten-free options,” remarked a local resident. “It’s like they’re trying too hard.”

Conservative pundits have also weighed in, suggesting that the university’s name change is a mere distraction from more pressing educational issues.

“Instead of focusing on quality education, they’re busy renaming themselves,” quipped one commentator. “Next thing you know, they’ll offer degrees in Advanced Wokeness Studies.”

As Intersex University prepares to unveil its new signage and promotional materials, the rest of the academic world watches with bated breath. Will this name change usher in a new era of inclusivity, or is it merely a superficial gesture in the grand theatre of political correctness?

One thing’s for certain: Intersex University is set to become the go-to destination for anyone looking to major in renaming things.