Gary Lineker, the former footballer turned Twitter philosopher, has been named the new chief of OFCOM, the UK’s media regulator. The appointment comes with the stated goal of “ensuring editorial and political neutrality” in the media landscape.

Lineker, known for his passionate tweets on everything from sports to politics, seemed like the natural choice to lead an organization responsible for maintaining the delicate balance of neutrality in the media. After all, who better to oversee impartiality than someone whose Twitter bio reads “Retired footballer. Broadcaster. Writer. Brave warrior against the tyranny of crisp flavors”?

In a press conference announcing his appointment, Lineker spoke passionately about his new role. “I’ve always been a staunch advocate for neutrality,” he declared. “Whether it’s in football punditry or political debates, I believe in giving both sides a fair shake, as long as one of those sides isn’t pro-crisps.”

The move has been met with mixed reactions. Supporters argue that Lineker’s experience in front of the camera and on social media uniquely qualify him for the position. “Gary has an incredible talent for staying neutral, especially when it comes to hot-button issues like VAR and cheese and onion crisps,” said one fan.

Critics, on the other hand, are skeptical. “Appointing Lineker as the head of OFCOM is like putting a fox in charge of the henhouse,” quipped one commentator. “Sure, he’s good at scoring goals, but can he score impartiality points?”

Time will tell how Lineker’s tenure as the guardian of media neutrality will pan out. In the meantime, we can only hope that his tweets about this new role remain as balanced as his views on the offside rule.