July is set to be designated as the first-ever official ‘Shame Month,’ where individuals are encouraged to embrace feelings of guilt and collective shame. This groundbreaking initiative aims to create a more self-aware and remorseful society, according to prominent social justice advocates.

The decision comes after intense deliberation and consultation among woke influencers and activists who believe that the world urgently needs a designated period to reflect on its collective sins. By designating an entire month for shame, they argue, we can finally confront the dark chapters of history and address our ongoing societal failings.

During ‘Shame Month,’ expect to see a flurry of public events, seminars, and workshops where individuals can publicly express their remorse for a variety of issues, both historical and contemporary. From colonialism and slavery to climate change and cultural appropriation, no topic will be off-limits when it comes to wallowing in guilt and self-flagellation.

In an effort to promote inclusivity and intersectionality, various subcategories of shame will also be recognized, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to feel personally responsible for past injustices. Special attention will be given to acknowledging privilege and the need for constant self-criticism.

Critics of the ‘Shame Month’ initiative argue that it risks fostering an unhealthy and unproductive atmosphere of perpetual guilt, discouraging genuine progress and positive change. They contend that while it is important to learn from history and address societal issues, an entire month dedicated to shame may only perpetuate divisiveness and hinder true reconciliation.

Nevertheless, proponents argue that ‘Shame Month’ is an essential step towards creating a more empathetic and socially conscious society. They believe that by collectively acknowledging past wrongs and taking responsibility, we can pave the way for a better future.

So get ready, folks! July is just around the corner, and it’s time to stock up on shame-inducing merchandise and prepare for a month of introspection and self-reproach. Remember, the more shame you feel, the better you’re contributing to a society that constantly questions its own existence. Let the collective guilt flow, and let shame be our guiding light towards a brighter tomorrow.