Contributors at GB News, who were vehemently striking for better catering options in the green room and an unlimited supply of chamomile tea, have suddenly and mysteriously softened their stance. The reason? A significant uptick in ratings that left even the most caffeinated news anchors befuddled.

The contributors, who once boycotted the newsroom with signs reading “No Snacks, No News,” are now spotted sipping on their chamomile tea in what can only be described as a subdued victory lap. It seems that the allure of higher viewership numbers has a magical effect on principles.

“It’s incredible how a few extra eyeballs can change one’s perspective,” whispered a contributor while delicately nibbling on a gluten-free, vegan scone.

GB News, known for its right-leaning stance and its commitment to, among other things, showcasing the unheard voices of disgruntled contributors, is now grappling with the newfound challenge of success. “We never expected our ratings to go up. It’s almost like people enjoy hearing diverse opinions and having choices,” remarked a baffled producer.

The newsroom, once filled with the sounds of protest chants and the aroma of herbal teas, is now an oasis of calm professionalism. The once-striking contributors have seemingly embraced the idea that a well-stocked snack table is an acceptable trade-off for sharing their controversial but attention-grabbing viewpoints.

As the chamomile-infused atmosphere settles, the GB News contributors find themselves in the precarious position of reconciling their newfound popularity with the lingering desire for snack-based justice. It’s a delicate dance between principles and practicality, with the ratings dialling up the pressure in the background.