Gary Lineker’s accountant is making headlines by boldly asserting that Lineker himself is not a mere mortal employee. No, he’s allegedly a complex, multifaceted network of tax-exempt legal entities strategically scattered across the sun-kissed beaches of the Cayman Islands.

“This is not tax evasion; it’s tax optimization,” claimed Lineker’s accountant, who has seemingly graduated from the Hogwarts School of Accounting and Wizardry. “Gary is not an individual; he’s a financial masterpiece, an intricate dance of numbers protected by the magical aura of tropical offshore accounts.”

The former footballer, known for his sharp wit on the pitch and now apparently in the tax office, has been hailed as a pioneer in “tax creativity” by some and criticized as a wizard of financial dark arts by others.

“I’m not evading taxes; I’m just utilizing the enchanted loopholes in the system,” Lineker chuckled, as he updated his LinkedIn profile to include “Master of Coin Conjuring.”

The Cayman Islands, long associated with white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, is now finding itself in a new role as the ultimate tax haven for sports legends looking to transform their income into an intricate financial origami masterpiece.

Critics argue that Lineker’s tax maneuvering is a slap in the face to hardworking taxpayers, while supporters praise him for taking advantage of a system that, much like a good dive in the penalty box, requires finesse and a touch of the dramatic.

As Lineker continues to defend his financial escapades, one thing is clear: he may have hung up his football boots, but he’s putting on a masterclass in the art of financial footwork. Just don’t expect him to foot the bill – at least not in taxes.