The Daily Mail has unveiled an astonishing theory: Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in the 1930s was, in fact, inspired by none other than Nigel Farage. Yes, you read that correctly. According to The Daily Mail, the controversial political figure, famous for his role in Brexit, somehow influenced the Nazi leader decades before his own birth in 1964.

In a front-page exposé, the tabloid meticulously lays out its case. “It’s clear that Farage’s staunch nationalism, anti-EU rhetoric, and penchant for pints were all prefigured in the twisted mind of Hitler,” the article begins. “Though Farage was not physically present, his ideological spirit apparently transcended time and space.”

Citing unnamed historians, the piece asserts that Hitler’s infamous beer hall putsch was a direct precursor to Farage’s many pub-based interviews. “One can easily draw a straight line from the beer hall of Munich to the pub in Margate where Farage often sips his ale while railing against the Brussels elite,” the article continues. “It’s all so obvious once you see the connection.”

The Daily Mail further speculates that Farage’s future exploits were somehow cosmically sensed by Hitler, guiding the Führer’s policies. “Hitler’s obsession with strong borders and his distrust of continental Europe mirror Farage’s later views so precisely that one must conclude a paranormal link,” claims the piece.

When asked for comment, Farage was characteristically bemused. “I’ve been blamed for many things, but this is a new one,” he quipped. “I suppose next they’ll say I influenced the building of the pyramids or the sinking of Atlantis.”

Political analysts are divided on the theory. Some argue that The Daily Mail’s attempt to link Farage with one of history’s most notorious figures is nothing short of ludicrous, while others see it as a bold new direction in the field of retroactive political accountability.

Meanwhile, The Daily Mail is doubling down on its investigative prowess, promising future pieces that will uncover how Boris Johnson orchestrated the fall of the Roman Empire and how Priti Patel might be responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs.

As the nation collectively scratches its head, one thing is clear: The Daily Mail has once again pushed the boundaries of journalistic imagination, leaving us all wondering what revelation they will uncover next.

Stay tuned, Britain. If Nigel Farage can inspire Hitler, who knows what else he’s capable of?