Liberals across the nation are declaring their refusal to eat Mug Shot pasta, claiming it’s a daily reminder of former President Donald Trump’s mug shot. Yes, you read that right – the noodles have now become a symbol of political resistance.

Mug Shot, a popular instant pasta brand known for its quick and easy meals, has found itself at the epicenter of this unexpected boycott. For liberals, every forkful of spaghetti now apparently evokes memories of the former president’s tumultuous tenure.

One concerned liberal, Karen Snowflake, explained, “I just can’t bring myself to eat Mug Shot pasta anymore. Every bite feels like I’m endorsing Trump’s policies. It’s like chewing on MAGA hats.” She then pulled out her phone to show a photoshopped image of Trump wearing a pasta strainer as a hat, just to emphasize her point.

To some, this pasta protest might seem a bit extreme. However, it appears that liberals have decided to take their culinary activism to the next level. Many have started boycotting other food items that, in their eyes, have questionable political associations. Gluten-free bread has been deemed too conservative for some, and even tofu has faced backlash for allegedly resembling Mitch McConnell.

In response to the boycott, Mug Shot’s spokesperson issued a statement saying, “We respect everyone’s right to choose their meals based on their beliefs, but it’s important to remember that our pasta is just pasta. It doesn’t have any political affiliations.” The statement was accompanied by a photoshopped image of their pasta twirling around on a dance floor wearing a non-partisan bowtie.

As the Mug Shot pasta boycott continues to gain traction among liberals, only time will tell what other seemingly innocent food items will be caught up in the ever-evolving web of political gastronomy. Until then, we’ll be over here enjoying our spaghetti and meatballs, blissfully ignorant of any potential political implications.