Nigel Farage, the prominent Brexit advocate and former politician, has revealed his latest venture – the “Brexit Bank.” The bank’s unique selling point? An eye-catching bus ad that boldly claims new customers can withdraw up to £350 million a week.

Farage, known for his knack for grabbing headlines, has once again unleashed his brand of political satire, this time in the world of finance. The Brexit Bank’s marketing strategy, mirroring the infamous bus adorned with the promise of millions for the NHS during the Brexit campaign, takes a playful jab at the world of banking.

Farage explained his motivation behind the venture, saying, “We’ve seen the power of big promises on buses, so why not apply the same logic to banking? It’s a simple, straightforward approach that the people can understand.”

The ad has already garnered attention and raised a few chuckles among those who appreciate the satirical twist on political messaging. Critics, however, warn that the stunt might confuse some eager customers who arrive at the bank expecting a literal jackpot withdrawal.

This cheeky endeavour from Farage comes hot on the heels of recent news regarding his Coutts bank account being closed, adding a layer of irony to his latest financial escapade. Nevertheless, the “Brexit Bank” is set to open its doors in the coming months, and while the £350 million weekly withdrawals may not be a reality, it’s clear that Farage has once again succeeded in making a memorable mark on the political and financial landscape. After all, in the world of politics and banking, it seems that sometimes a catchy bus ad is worth its weight in gold—or perhaps, in this case, pounds.