A staggering 90% of the British public has declared their enthusiastic support for repurposing the House of Parliament to accommodate asylum seekers.

“It’s the ultimate in hospitality – Parliament offering its grand halls and luxurious chambers to those seeking refuge. Who wouldn’t want to bunk in the Commons for a bit?” said one survey respondent, presumably with a smirk.

The unexpected endorsement of turning the epicenter of British politics into a massive dormitory for asylum seekers has sent shockwaves through Westminster, leaving MPs pondering the potential perks of legislating from a cozy Airbnb instead.

“It’s a genius idea, really. We can turn the debating chamber into a communal living space, and the Prime Minister’s office into a communal kitchen. It’s like a political reality show, but with a humanitarian twist,” suggested a keen supporter of the notion.

Critics, however, are skeptical. “Sure, let’s just relocate our political epicenter, because nothing says ‘secure borders’ like turning the Houses of Parliament into a temporary refugee hostel,” quipped one pundit, his sarcasm barely concealed.

In response to this surprising wave of public opinion, Parliament is said to be considering redecorating plans. “We’ll need more throw pillows and maybe some inspirational wall art to make everyone feel at home,” suggested an anonymous MP, who may or may not have been serious.

As the debate over this unexpected proposal rages on, one thing is certain – British politics has taken an unforeseen detour into the surreal. Who would have thought that asylum seekers would find sanctuary not in a quaint community centre but within the hallowed halls of parliamentary procedure? It’s a brave new world, indeed.