Former President Donald Trump is reportedly flabbergasted to witness Democrats taking a page out of his book and attempting to steal an election. The man known for his unfiltered predictions and colourful remarks is now reportedly concerned that his other eyebrow-raising statements might manifest into reality.

Trump, often criticized for his audacious claims, is said to be pacing nervously in his gold-plated living room, pondering what other prophecies from his Twitter feed might unfold.

“I thought those were just tweets,” a bewildered Trump allegedly mumbled to his closest advisors. “I didn’t think they’d actually listen to me.”

The Democrats, apparently taking inspiration from Trump’s playbook, have left the former president questioning if his tweets about turning the White House into a reality TV show or introducing a national “Best Hair” competition could become the next big political agenda.

“I mean, I was just having fun on Twitter,” Trump reportedly lamented, adjusting his signature red tie. “Now they’re taking it seriously. What’s next? ‘Trump’s Guide to Interplanetary Golf’? Oh, heavens!”

As Trump grapples with the unintended consequences of his past proclamations, political analysts are left wondering if the Democrats are scrolling through Trump’s Twitter feed for the next big idea or if this is just a case of political irony at its finest.

In the meantime, Trump supporters are reportedly preparing for the possibility that Trump’s offhand remarks about turning the border wall into a giant Slip ‘N Slide might soon be under serious consideration. Only time will tell if Trump’s tweets are the crystal ball the nation never knew it needed.