Lingerie tycoon Michelle Mone has announced her ground-breaking new line: “Pants On Fire.” Promising to make deceit sexy again, this collection is tailor-made for those who want to look sizzling hot while conveniently forgetting the truth.

Mone, renowned for her entrepreneurial spirit and a keen eye for lucrative ventures, saw an untapped market in the intersection of dishonesty and intimate wear. “Why let politicians have all the fun?” she quipped during the grand reveal.

The “Pants On Fire” line boasts a variety of styles, from “Whopper Weavers” to “Falsehood Frills,” each designed to provide maximum comfort while engaging in creative storytelling. The collection comes complete with a limited edition accessory: the “Pinocchio Garter Belt,” a must-have for those aspiring to stretch the truth with every step.

“I wanted to empower people to embrace their deceptive side without compromising on style,” Mone explained, emphasizing the importance of feeling fabulous even when bending the truth.

The launch event featured a runway show where models confidently strutted their stuff while expertly spinning tales of tax evasion, creative accounting, and political maneuvering. The audience, a mix of fashion enthusiasts and aspiring fibbers, enthusiastically applauded the innovative melding of lingerie and lies.

Critics argue that the “Pants On Fire” line might blur the lines between right and wrong, but Mone insists that it’s all in good fun. “Fashion has always been about expressing yourself,” she declared. “And what better way to express yourself than with a well-crafted tall tale?”

As the “Pants On Fire” collection hits stores, it seems Mone is set to revolutionize not just lingerie but the very essence of truth and fiction. In a world where honesty often takes a backseat, why not let your undergarments do the talking, even if it’s a bit of a fib?