A crowd funder aimed at financing their journey to Gaza has surpassed the £4 million mark. The campaign, titled “Wings of Compassion,” promises to send activists straight to the heart of the conflict, armed with nothing but good intentions and a vague understanding of geopolitics.

The brainchild of well-meaning but geopolitically challenged individuals, the campaign envisions a fleet of activists descending upon Gaza like a flock of justice-bringing seagulls. The funds raised will apparently be used for plane tickets, “Free Palestine” banners, and possibly a crash course in Middle Eastern affairs for the participants.

“We believe in the power of well-intentioned Westerners showing up uninvited to solve complex geopolitical issues,” said the campaign organizer, who is currently accepting donations from people who think sharing a Facebook post is a sufficient form of political activism.

The campaign’s promotional video features heartwarming montages of activists practicing “Free Palestine” chants and packing bags filled with naivety and unearned confidence.

Critics argue that while the intentions are admirable, the execution may be lacking. “It’s like sending a kid with a squirt gun to put out a forest fire,” remarked one skeptic, shaking his head at the thought of geopolitically clueless activists navigating the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

As the funds continue to pour in, the question on everyone’s minds is whether a horde of well-intentioned but uninformed activists armed with banners can truly bring about lasting peace. Until then, the “Wings of Compassion” campaign soars ever higher, fuelled by good intentions and a glaring lack of geopolitical savvy.