In a twist that could rival even the most unexpected plot twists in political history, a man who fervently voted to leave the European Union in hopes of getting the Muslims out is now scratching his head in astonishment after learning that Muslims don’t actually hail from the tiny European nation of Luxembourg.

Gavin Smith, a self-proclaimed patriot who passionately embraced Brexit to “take control of our borders,” expressed his bewildered amazement after discovering that the origin of Muslims is, in fact, far more diverse and expansive than he had initially believed.

“I was sure they were all coming from Luxembourg, or maybe Brussels at the very least,” Gavin commented with a mix of surprise and embarrassment. “I mean, we were promised control over immigration, weren’t we?”

Experts in geography and international affairs confirmed that Muslims come from various countries across the globe, representing a myriad of cultures, languages, and backgrounds. This revelation has left Gavin in a state of disbelief, pondering the extent of his misconceptions.

“I guess it’s a bit like finding out that Big Ben isn’t actually a wristwatch,” Gavin mused, as he contemplated the scope of his newfound knowledge.

The incident serves as a humorous reminder that political decisions are often rooted in a mixture of convictions and misconceptions. Gavin’s unexpected revelation highlights the importance of informed and nuanced discourse as societies grapple with complex issues, while also prompting a chuckle at the sometimes puzzling nature of political perceptions.