Police officers at a heated pro-Palestine protest decided to abandon the chaos of a raging demonstration to apprehend a single Christian woman peacefully praying in her head.

As tensions flared and protesters clashed with counter-protesters, officers reportedly received a tip about a dangerous individual engaging in suspiciously quiet religious activity. Ignoring the sea of placards, chanting, and occasional firework displays, the police descended upon the lone woman, who, sources say, was deeply immersed in a silent conversation with her deity.

Eyewitnesses were baffled. “I thought they were here to keep the peace and manage the chaos,” said one onlooker. “But then they zoned in on this woman in the corner, completely zoned out herself, and I realized we’ve been missing the real threat all along.”

The woman, identified as Margaret Prayerful, was reportedly reciting Bible verses in her mind, occasionally closing her eyes to better commune with the Almighty. Protesters, too absorbed in their own fervor, were initially unaware of the unfolding arrest. It wasn’t until the police had Margaret in cuffs that a few protesters looked on in puzzlement.

One officer defended the arrest, stating, “We have a duty to uphold the peace, and someone praying with such intensity is a clear violation of the status quo. We can’t have people finding inner peace while the world around them is in disarray.”

While the pro-Palestine protest continued in its fervor, Margaret was escorted away, her softly whispered prayers drowned out by the chants and slogans of the more ‘acceptable’ forms of expression.

As debates over freedom of religion and expression reignite, one thing is clear: in the chaotic theatre of public discourse, a solitary woman praying silently can be the most dangerous disruption of all.