In a shocking turn of events, Finland has found itself in the international spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Reports are pouring in that the Nordic nation is now the last remaining country on Earth that features a white couple in a television advertisement. The global community is grappling with this staggering revelation as they try to come to terms with the audacity of such an outdated portrayal.

“I mean, seriously, Finland?” remarked one bewildered social media user. “In this day and age, it’s like they’ve transported us back to a 1950s sitcom.”

The embarrassment felt by the international community has been palpable. The United Nations has even convened an emergency session to discuss the implications of Finland’s apparent refusal to jump on the diversity bandwagon. Experts in woke culture have been invited to share their insights on the severity of this transgression.

“It’s almost like they didn’t get the memo that diversity is the only currency that matters in today’s world,” quipped a cultural commentator. “I thought the whole point of advertisements was to make us feel guilty about not being more diverse.”

As Finland faces the fallout of its antiquated advertising choices, the world watches with bated breath to see if the nation will finally cave to the pressure and replace their white couple with a group of people that adequately represents every possible intersectional identity.

In the meantime, the global community is left to ponder the implications of Finland’s shocking advertising faux pas. Will the nation ever catch up to the enlightened standards set by other countries, or are they doomed to forever be the last outpost of non-diversity? Only time will tell.