The British government has unveiled a bold new initiative: “We’re Making Britain So Crap, Nobody Will Want to Come.” This innovative approach aims to transform the UK into a less-than-enticing destination, sparing no effort to repel potential migrants.

“We believe in tackling the issue head-on,” declared the Minister of Unwelcoming Affairs. “If we make Britain the last place anyone wants to be, we can bid farewell to those pesky attempts to cross the channel.”

The multifaceted plan includes implementing mandatory queues at all iconic British landmarks, ensuring that the renowned British politeness is experienced through a prolonged waiting period. Additionally, the government plans to replace the famed English breakfast with a “Brexit Broth” consisting solely of boiled cabbage and lukewarm tea.

“We’re also considering replacing the London Eye with the ‘London Sigh,’ a giant inflatable representation of the collective groan we emit every time someone suggests a sunny holiday,” the minister explained.

To further dampen enthusiasm, the government is exploring the possibility of introducing a mandatory daily schedule of queuing for public transport, enduring unpredictable weather, and navigating the intricacies of the tax system.

Critics argue that this approach may be a tad extreme, but the government remains steadfast in its commitment to creating a less appealing environment.

“We’re not against immigration,” the minister clarified. “We just want to make sure that anyone coming here is doing it with a profound sense of self-loathing and a masochistic appreciation for perpetual drizzle.”

As the government’s master plan unfolds, the nation awaits the results with bated breath, wondering if this innovative strategy will indeed make Britain the last place anyone would consider migrating to.