Prince Harry has announced a tell-all book detailing the intricacies of his life with Meghan Markle, titled “She Makes Me Wear a Burger King Crown in Bed.”

Facing financial strains after stepping back from royal duties, it seems Prince Harry has decided that the best way to fill the royal coffers is by dishing out the spiciest details of his life with Meghan. The book promises to peel back the curtain on the couple’s unconventional bedtime rituals.

According to the leaked excerpts, Prince Harry describes nights filled with romance, laughter, and the unmistakable scent of flame-grilled burgers. “It’s not your typical royal bedtime story,” he quipped in an interview. “But Meghan and I are all about breaking traditions, especially when it comes to our late-night cravings.”

The revelation that Meghan insists on a Burger King crown for their nocturnal activities has sent shockwaves through Buckingham Palace and fast-food drive-thrus alike. The book is rumored to include vivid descriptions of Prince Harry sporting the iconic cardboard crown, complete with a side of royal whopper love.

Critics argue that this literary venture is merely a desperate attempt to cash in on personal anecdotes, while supporters contend that it’s a brave step toward transparency in the royal family.

Burger King, seizing the marketing opportunity, has even teased a limited edition “Royal Whopper” to coincide with the book’s release, leaving fans wondering if the key to marital bliss is nestled between two sesame seed buns.

As the anticipation builds for the tell-all, one thing is certain: Prince Harry has officially embraced his role as the People’s Prince, with a side of fries and a crown fit for a fast-food monarch.