The Home Office has decided to rebrand people smuggling gangs as “Cross Channel Recruitment Consultants” in an effort to align with their newfound role as employment facilitators for migrants seeking the English dream.

“It’s all about perspective,” declared a government spokesperson. “We saw these enterprising individuals assisting others in their quest for a better life, and we thought, why not give them a fancier title?”

The move comes hot on the heels of the government’s initiative to offer job opportunities to migrants arriving via the Channel. The innovative approach reframes the act of guiding people across treacherous waters in inflatable boats as a form of career counseling.

“These ‘consultants’ are now actively involved in helping individuals navigate the job market, quite literally,” chuckled the spokesperson, emphasizing the silver lining of this unconventional collaboration.

The newly dubbed “Cross Channel Recruitment Consultants” are said to provide a bespoke service, offering personalized packages that include a perilous sea journey, dodging border patrols, and a crash course in evading immigration authorities. Some even throw in a life jacket for those who sign up for the premium package.

Critics argue that this rebranding is a thinly veiled attempt to downplay the challenges posed by illegal migration and romanticize the perilous journey across the English Channel. However, the Home Office remains steadfast in their commitment to reframing the narrative.

“It’s about reframing, rebranding, and reimagining,” the spokesperson continued. “Who wouldn’t want a consultant who takes you on an adventure before your job interview?”

As the government embraces this new terminology, it’s yet to be seen whether the public will buy into the notion of people smugglers as career advisors. Either way, the “Cross Channel Recruitment Consultants” are undeniably making waves – quite literally – in the field of unconventional employment services.