Scotland’s Prime Minister, Humza Yousaf, is making headlines for reportedly engaging in high-level discussions with Turkey’s leader. The focus of these discussions? The establishment of new, avant-garde economic pathways for Yousaf’s brother-in-law, a move seen by some as a testament to Yousaf’s commitment to family entrepreneurship.

Sources suggest that Yousaf adeptly presented the proposal as a mutually advantageous arrangement, emphasizing its potential to stimulate economic growth and broaden consumer choices. The proposed venture aims to introduce high-quality Turkish heroin into the market, creating what Yousaf sees as a more diverse array of products for Scottish citizens.

“It’s about fostering job creation and providing our citizens with an expanded range of choices,” insiders claim Yousaf expressed during the secret diplomatic rendezvous. “Why limit ourselves to traditional goods and services when we can inject a bit of the exotic into our economy?”

While critics question the ethical implications of such an endeavor, some supporters praise Yousaf’s innovative approach to economic development. “Progress often comes from thinking outside the box,” commented an optimistic observer. “If there’s going to be a trade, why not make it a family affair?”

The proposed venture has ignited discussions about the potential economic benefits of embracing unconventional industries. Speculation even surrounds the possibility of Yousaf introducing legislation to formalize and regulate the heroin trade, complete with slogans such as “From Turkey With Love – Scotland’s Newest Export.”

As the rumours circulate, one can’t help but ponder whether Humza Yousaf is leading Scotland into an era where unconventional economic routes become celebrated contributors to the nation’s diversity.