James Bond, is set to undergo a radical transformation. Producers have announced that the suave secret agent will be renamed “BAMEs Bond” in an effort to better reflect the multicultural landscape of modern Britain.

The decision comes after years of criticism over the lack of diversity in the Bond series, with many calling for a more inclusive portrayal of the character. Producers, eager to appease the woke mob, have jumped at the chance to virtue signal by giving Bond a politically correct makeover.

“We realized that James Bond was just too white and too male for today’s audience,” said one studio executive. “By renaming him BAMEs Bond, we’re showing our commitment to diversity and representation.”

The new BAMEs Bond will be portrayed by a yet-to-be-announced actor of mixed ethnicity, ensuring that the character reflects the diverse backgrounds of modern Britain. In addition to his trademark charm and cunning, BAMEs Bond will now also grapple with issues of systemic oppression and microaggressions while foiling international villains.

“We’re excited to explore the intersectionality of espionage,” said the film’s director. “BAMEs Bond will face not only the usual threats to world peace but also the pervasive effects of colonialism and white supremacy.”

While some fans have expressed concern over the changes to the beloved franchise, others have applauded the move as a step in the right direction towards inclusivity. However, critics have accused the producers of sacrificing artistic integrity on the altar of political correctness.

“Renaming James Bond is just the latest example of woke Hollywood pandering to the social justice crowd,” remarked one detractor. “What’s next, a transgender Q and a non-binary Moneypenny?”

As BAMEs Bond prepares to make his debut on the silver screen, one thing is certain: the world of espionage will never be the same again. Whether audiences embrace the new era of political correctness or yearn for the days of the classic spy, only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: shaken or stirred, BAMEs Bond is here to stay.