A new war memorial has been unveiled, touted as the only one in the nation that won’t require police protection during pro-Palestine marches. The “Muslim War Memorial” promises to be a beacon of tranquillity in the storm of impassioned demonstrations.

“It’s a win-win,” declared the city spokesperson. “We get to honor our fallen heroes, and our police can finally enjoy their weekends off during those lively pro-Palestine marches!”

The memorial, strategically placed in a serene park away from the hustle and bustle of city centers, is designed to be impervious to the impassioned rhetoric that often accompanies demonstrations related to the Middle East.

“We’ve tested it with all kinds of slogans and chants, and not a peep from the memorial,” said the chief engineer proudly. “It’s like it has an anti-controversy force field!”

The decision to build a Muslim-specific war memorial was met with applause from some and perplexed head-scratching from others. Critics argue that perhaps this is an overreach in trying to create harmony, but supporters say it’s a step in the right direction.

“Finally, a place where we can all agree to disagree without anyone throwing objects or starting a Twitter war,” said one local resident. “Who knew the secret to peace was a strategically placed war memorial?”

As pro-Palestine marches wind through the streets, the Muslim War Memorial stands stoically, unaffected by the passionate cries or the occasional heated debates. It’s a beacon of unity, reminding us all that sometimes the best way to avoid conflict is to build a memorial that, quite literally, stands above it all.