In a shocking move, the UK government’s Net Zero czar has declared motorists and gas boiler owners as “far-right terrorist groups.” The controversial statement has left many scratching their heads and wondering if this is some kind of elaborate prank.

According to sources close to the czar, the move was made in an effort to combat climate change and reduce the country’s carbon emissions. “We simply cannot afford to have these groups continue to operate freely,” the czar said in a statement. “Their actions are directly contributing to the destruction of our planet.”

The announcement has sparked outrage among motorists and gas boiler owners, who have accused the government of unfairly targeting them. “This is absolute nonsense,” said one angry motorist. “I just want to be able to drive my car without being labeled a terrorist.”

Meanwhile, gas boiler owners have also expressed their frustration. “We’re not terrorists, we’re just trying to stay warm,” said one homeowner. “It’s ridiculous to suggest that we’re somehow a threat to national security.”

The government has defended its decision, saying that drastic measures are needed to address the climate crisis. “We’re not saying that all motorists and gas boiler owners are terrorists,” the czar clarified. “But we do believe that their actions are contributing to a larger problem that needs to be addressed.”

As of now, it is unclear what actions the government plans to take against these so-called “far-right terrorist groups.” But one thing is for certain: motorists and gas boiler owners will be keeping a close eye on their government’s next move.