Mayor Sadiq Khan has taken a bold stance on the controversial 20mph speed limit rollout, issuing a stern warning to citizens: “If you keep whining, I’ll make it 10mph, and you’ll be pedaling your cars like Fred Flintstone!”

The audacious threat was delivered during a press conference at City Hall, where Khan addressed concerns about the snail-paced speed limits. “Look, we’re all about safety here,” Khan declared with a mischievous grin. “But if you think 20mph is too slow, you haven’t seen anything yet. I’ve got my eye on you. Complain one more time, and I’ll have my team retrofit your cars with foot-powered accelerators. Yabba dabba doo, London!”

The announcement left reporters and citizens equally baffled and entertained. Critics quickly took to social media to voice their astonishment at Khan’s latest plan to transform the city into a modern-day Bedrock. One Twitter user wrote, “Just imagine the traffic jams, but instead of honking, we’ll all be chanting ‘yabba dabba doo’ to keep the cars moving!”

Transport experts were left scratching their heads, unsure whether to take Khan’s words seriously or chalk them up to some bizarre attempt at humor. Nevertheless, Londoners are now faced with a choice: embrace the 20mph crawl or risk living out their childhood dreams of pedal-powered transportation.

As the city grapples with this new era of Flintstone-esque commuting, one thing remains clear: Sadiq Khan’s threats may have citizens yearning for the days of Benny Hill chase scenes and Formula One speeds. After all, when it comes to London traffic, who knew that a Bedrock-style approach would be the answer?