A female prisoner on death row has managed to escape execution thanks to her extraordinary indecisiveness regarding her last meal. The prisoner, who had been scheduled for execution, left prison officials baffled and unable to carry out the sentence as she pondered the critical question: “Hmm, what do you fancy?”

This unusual escape unfolded as the clock ticked down to the scheduled execution. While most inmates facing their last meal request a favorite dish or a nostalgic comfort food, this particular prisoner seemed to be afflicted by an insurmountable menu anxiety.

Prison officials were left scratching their heads as the minutes turned into hours, and the indecisive inmate continued to deliberate. “We’ve had prisoners order extravagant surf and turf feasts, or even just a simple cheeseburger,” remarked the prison warden. “But this case takes the cake, or should I say, takes the lack of cake.”

As the hours passed, the situation drew the attention of legal experts, who debated whether the prolonged deliberation constituted cruel and unusual punishment. Advocates for the prisoner argued that forcing her to make a swift decision about her last meal amounted to a violation of her rights.

The scene at the prison became increasingly surreal as local news crews arrived to cover the “last meal standoff.” Onlookers gathered outside, some holding signs that read, “Give her more time to choose!” while others chanted, “No meal, no deal!”

In a surprising turn, the Governor of the state weighed in on the matter, stating, “In the spirit of fairness, we shall grant the prisoner as much time as she needs to decide on her last meal. Justice must be served with a side of patience, after all.”

The indecisive inmate, now enjoying an extended lease on life, continues to ponder her last meal options, leaving us all to wonder if she’ll ever settle on a final choice. One thing’s for sure: the “last supper” may end up being the longest-lasting meal decision in the history of the penal system.