Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has declared his intention to cap the upcoming Formula 1 Silverstone heat to a modest 20mph limit. Khan, known for his green initiatives, insists that this move will usher in a “cleaner, greener, and more inclusive” era for the high-octane world of Formula 1.

Critics are revving their engines, however, and questioning the logic behind slowing down the fastest cars on the planet. One disgruntled race fan quipped, “Next thing you know, they’ll replace the checkered flag with a stop sign!”

Khan’s vision for a greener F1 reportedly includes replacing high-performance engines with pedal power and swapping out tire changes for tire swings. “We want to make sure that even toddlers can enjoy Formula 1,” he explained earnestly.

The mayor’s plans also involve recycling all race fuel into organic smoothies and installing solar panels on the racecars for eco-friendly pit stops. “Imagine Lewis Hamilton pulling into the pits for a quick recharge,” Khan mused. “It’s electrifying!”

While some hail Khan’s initiative as a bold step toward a sustainable future, others wonder if Formula 1’s iconic roar will be replaced by the gentle hum of eco-consciousness. One thing’s for certain, the 20mph Silverstone Speedway is poised to be the slowest yet most environmentally friendly race in history.