Russian President Vladimir Putin has insisted that his recent summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was nothing more than a routine trade meeting. According to Putin, the mysterious documents seen on the table were merely “souvenir brochures” and the large spherical object in the corner of the room was a “globally sourced decorative lamp.”

The world was left bewildered as images from the summit circulated, showing Putin and Kim huddled around a table covered in what appeared to be intricate blueprints of a spherical space station, reminiscent of the Death Star from Star Wars.

“It’s a simple misunderstanding,” Putin declared during a press conference in Moscow. “Kim and I were just discussing potential trade opportunities between our two nations. Those blueprints? They could be anybody’s Death Star blueprints. I mean, who doesn’t have a few lying around these days?”

The international community, however, remains skeptical of Putin’s explanation. Experts from around the world have raised eyebrows at the notion that Death Star blueprints are standard trade negotiation materials.

“Trade meetings usually involve discussions about tariffs, imports, and exports, not detailed schematics for planet-destroying superweapons,” commented Dr. Jane Smithers, a geopolitical analyst. “This seems like quite the departure from standard diplomatic practices.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Un has remained surprisingly tight-lipped about the summit, fueling speculation about the true nature of the meeting. When asked about the Death Star blueprints, Kim simply responded, “It’s a surprise for our friends in the galaxy.”

As the world tries to make sense of this bizarre turn of events, one thing is clear: Putin’s explanation has left more questions than answers. Is this a case of intergalactic diplomacy gone awry, or is there a more down-to-earth explanation for the Death Star blueprints? Only time will tell, but for now, the world is watching with a mix of curiosity and scepticism.