Former British Prime Minister Theresa May has unveiled a bold new look that has left both her supporters and critics in awe. The conservative stalwart, known for her trademark hairstyle and reserved demeanour, has undergone a radical transformation that can only be described as “woke.”

Gone are the days of May’s sensible, no-nonsense image. She has embraced the vibrant world of progressive politics with open arms, and her new hot pink haircut is the crown jewel of her woke makeover. May’s decision to ditch her iconic coif in favor of a bright and bold pink hue is being hailed as a groundbreaking moment in the intersection of politics and fashion.

“It’s truly revolutionary,” gushed one of May’s newfound woke supporters. “Theresa’s pink hair sends a powerful message: she’s not just a former Prime Minister; she’s a warrior for social justice, gender equality, and climate change. The color pink has never been so politically charged!”

May’s pink hair has already become a symbol of her commitment to woke causes. She’s been spotted at climate change rallies, feminist marches, and even LGBTQ+ pride events, where her hair serves as a beacon of hope for the oppressed and marginalized. Activists from all walks of life are now clamoring for a selfie with the woke Theresa.

However, not everyone is thrilled with May’s transformation. Some traditional conservatives see it as a betrayal of her political roots. One disgruntled Tory remarked, “I remember the days when Theresa May was all about Brexit and strong borders. Now, she’s more interested in woke hair colors than protecting our sovereignty.”

But May remains undeterred. She’s embraced her new woke identity with fervor, even changing her Twitter handle to “@WokeTheresa.” Her pink hair is a testament to her commitment to progressive causes, and she’s proving that you’re never too old, or too conservative, to embrace the woke revolution.

In a world where political statements can be made in a single tweet, May’s pink hair is a vibrant reminder that in the age of woke politics, even your hairstyle can be a powerful form of protest. Who knows what woke transformation awaits us next? Perhaps Boris Johnson will show up to Parliament sporting a neon green mohawk. The possibilities are endless in this brave new world of woke politics and fashion.