ITV’s latest celebrity skating show has revealed its surprise contestant: none other than Shamima Begum, the notorious former ISIS bride. The show, aptly named “Dancing on ISIS,” promises to take reality television to chilling new heights.

Producers insist that the inclusion of Begum is an attempt to showcase the “rehabilitative power of reality TV” and provide her with a chance to twirl her way back into public acceptance. The decision has, however, raised eyebrows higher than a triple axel, with critics suggesting that some lines should never be crossed, even in the name of entertainment.

In a glittering debut on the ice, Begum showed off moves that left the audience wondering if the only thing she’d been radicalized by was the siren call of sequins and spandex. Her routine, set to a remix of “Ice, Ice Baby,” left judges both stunned and perplexed.

One judge commented, “I never thought I’d see the day when a former ISIS bride would be gracefully pirouetting on our national television, but here we are.”

Supporters argue that the show provides a unique opportunity for Begum to reintegrate into society and rewrite her narrative. Detractors, on the other hand, wonder if this is a slippery slope towards a reality TV landscape where anyone with a notorious past can shimmy their way back into the limelight.

“Dancing on ISIS” is proving that in the world of reality TV, the boundaries between redemption and ratings can be as thin as the ice beneath the contestants’ skates. Only time will tell if the show’s bold gamble on Begum’s dancefloor debut will thaw the public’s perception or leave them with an eternal winter of disbelief.