Labour MPs have found a deep and abiding love for the £100 billion HS2 project, now that the Tories have decided to pull the plug on it. The stunning reversal of opinions has left political observers both bewildered and amused.

“It’s a stroke of genius, really,” remarked one political commentator. “The moment the Tories say ‘no’ to a project, it magically becomes the pinnacle of economic brilliance for Labour.”

The high-speed rail project, once dubbed a “white elephant” by Labour critics, has now transformed into a symbol of visionary infrastructure planning in the eyes of Labour MPs.

“I always said HS2 was a testament to forward-thinking governance,” declared a prominent Labour figure, who, until recently, had advocated for redirecting the funds to a national knitting initiative.

The sudden shift in perspective has prompted speculation about the mysterious powers of opposition politics. Some suggest that the mere act of Tories denouncing a project triggers a quantum leap in its inherent value according to Labour MPs.

“It’s like the Tories have the Midas touch in reverse,” chuckled a political analyst. “Anything they don’t want turns into political gold for Labour.”

As the political rollercoaster continues, the nation is left to wonder what other policy acrobatics might unfold in this era of political paradoxes. For now, HS2 stands as a shining example of how political preferences can warp and weave faster than a high-speed train on its way to budgetary oblivion.