Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has taken a bold step in clarifying his stance on Hamas. Corbyn, known for his nuanced views on, well, everything, declared that Hamas is indeed a terror group but left observers questioning the sincerity of his statement due to his suspicious finger-crossing manoeuvre.

Caught on camera during a recent interview, Corbyn proclaimed, “Yes, of course, Hamas is a terror group. No doubt about it.” However, keen-eyed viewers quickly noticed the subtle yet unmistakable act of crossing his fingers behind his back, a move typically reserved for childhood promises on the playground.

When confronted about the peculiar finger arrangement, Corbyn chuckled nervously and claimed, “Oh, that? Just a little habit. I was stretching my fingers. Yoga, you know?”

Political analysts are divided on whether Corbyn’s declaration should be taken at face value or if it’s just another example of his talent for straddling the fence. Some argue that the finger-crossing is a metaphor for the fine line he walks between acknowledging the reality of the situation and appeasing certain factions within his political circle.

Conservative politicians seized the opportunity to poke fun at the situation, with one quipping, “It’s nice to see Corbyn embracing his inner contortionist. Perhaps he’s preparing for a new career in the circus.”

As the debate over Corbyn’s sincerity rages on, it’s clear that his unique approach to political statements continues to keep everyone guessing. Whether it’s a genuine declaration or a masterclass in finger choreography, one thing is for sure – Corbyn knows how to keep us entertained.