A pro-Hamas leftist, known for fervently labelling Brexiteers as fascists for years, recently experienced a moment of clarity as he realized he’s been siding with, well, actual fascists.

The leftist activist, who once saw fascist tendencies in every “Leave” voter, apparently had an epiphany after a prolonged self-reflection session. “It turns out, Hamas might not be the champions of democracy and tolerance I thought they were,” the activist admitted, holding a “Free Palestine” sign with a slightly sheepish look.

Friends and fellow activists were left astounded by the sudden shift in perspective. “I mean, I thought he was just really committed to his anti-Brexit stance, but it seems he missed the memo on certain details,” remarked one bewildered comrade.

The activist, now caught in the awkward position of supporting a group with a less-than-stellar record on human rights, reportedly muttered something about “nuance” and “complex geopolitical issues” while scrolling through Wikipedia to catch up on Middle Eastern politics.

Conservatives, who have often been the target of the leftist’s accusations, were quick to extend a metaphorical olive branch. “Welcome to the party of realizing that not everyone you disagree with is a fascist,” quipped a smirking Brexiteer.

As the leftist grapples with the revelation that his past finger-pointing might have been a tad misguided, the political landscape stands as a testament to the unpredictable twists and turns that ideological journeys can take. It’s a reminder that sometimes the path to enlightenment involves acknowledging that not all political foes are cut from the same totalitarian cloth.