Rishi Sunak has officially changed his name to “Rishi Sunk” by deed poll. The decision, akin to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, is raising eyebrows and prompting speculation about hidden meanings and, perhaps, a touch of self-awareness.

Sunak, known for his economic acumen and a knack for navigating turbulent financial waters, seems to have taken a literal dive, at least in name. The reasons behind the name change remain as mysterious as the economic forecasts post-Brexit.In a press conference, Sunk, formerly Sunak, addressed the nation with a straight face, saying, “I believe in transparency, and my new name reflects the sinking feeling we all get when we open our wallets these days.”Critics argue that this is a masterstroke in linguistic foreshadowing, while others suggest it’s merely a playful rebranding to keep the public on their toes.The deed poll, now a cherished relic of bureaucratic humour, was signed with a flourish, possibly resembling the sinking of a ship, at least in the eyes of keen observers.As the nation grapples with economic uncertainties and the looming spectre of inflation, Sunk assures the public that his commitment to navigating the stormy seas of fiscal policy remains steadfast.Meanwhile, the populace is left wondering if this is a subtle admission of the challenges ahead or just another quirky footnote in the annals of British political satire. One thing is for certain: with “Rishi Sunk” at the helm, we’re all in for an interesting voyage through the sea of economic uncertainty.