Renowned TV personality Carol Vorderman has reportedly come out in favour of immigration, citing a rather unconventional reason for her stance. The former “Countdown” host, known for her mathematical prowess, shockingly confessed that she sees immigration as an opportunity to expand her clientele for her next entrepreneurial venture: selling dodgy loans to bewildered and vulnerable individuals.

Vorderman, whose iconic countdown prowess has turned her into a household name, is now counting on immigration to boost her business prospects. “Look, I’ve crunched the numbers, and it’s simple math,” Vorderman declared with a knowing wink. “The more people we have in the country who are easily bamboozled by financial jargon, the more I can convince them that a ‘no-risk super loan’ is a brilliant idea. It’s like a magic trick – I make their savings disappear!”

While immigration debates often revolve around economic factors and cultural integration, Vorderman’s candid revelation shines a light on a lesser-discussed aspect: the potential impact on the shady loan market. “I’m just trying to create a win-win situation here,” she said with an unabashed smile. “They get a loan they don’t understand, and I get a new yacht. It’s basic economics, really.”

Critics argue that Vorderman’s stance exemplifies the convoluted intersections of business and immigration policy. “It’s a perspective we haven’t heard before, that’s for sure,” commented one financial analyst. “But perhaps it’s time we start discussing the multifaceted ways immigration shapes our society – even in the world of questionable financial schemes.”