Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew have found themselves the unexpected recipients of wooden train sets this Christmas. Apparently, Santa’s list got tangled up with another notorious list – Jeffrey Epstein’s client roster.

It seems the elves at the North Pole took a wrong turn somewhere, confusing the wishlists of tech magnate Bill Gates, former President Bill Clinton, and the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, with the more unconventional desires found on Epstein’s ledger.

Bill Gates, known for his philanthropy and love of high-tech gadgets, was reportedly perplexed by the rustic gift. “I was hoping for a new state-of-the-art computer system for my home,” Gates lamented. “But I suppose a wooden choo-choo could be… nostalgic?”

Bill Clinton, always known for his charm, tried to spin it positively. “Well, Hillary did say I needed a new hobby,” he chuckled, eyeing the miniature train tracks. “Maybe I’ll start a hobbyist’s club with Al Gore.”

Prince Andrew, who has been in hot water lately, found the wooden train set to be an unexpected diversion. “I usually prefer something a bit more… lively,” he mused, “but perhaps this is Santa’s way of encouraging me to take a slower track in life.”

Santa’s Workshop issued a statement, acknowledging the mix-up and promising to review their list-checking procedures. “We’re terribly sorry for any confusion. It appears there was an overlap in the wishlists this year. We’ll be implementing some elf sensitivity training to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

As the three influential men attempt to figure out what to do with their unexpected gifts, the incident serves as a reminder that even Santa can get tangled in the complexities of a high-profile address book. All aboard the festive mix-up express!