A petition calling for the mass deportation of all Home Office workers has skyrocketed to an impressive 17.4 million signatures. The unexpected surge has left officials scrambling to understand whether this is a genuine expression of public sentiment or just another internet sensation.

The petition, titled “Operation Bye-Bye Bureaucracy,” argues that the best way to streamline the immigration process is to send all Home Office employees packing. Supporters claim this would free up office space, reduce paperwork (and, coincidentally, the carbon footprint of excessive bureaucracy), and bring a sense of adventure to the lives of bureaucrats who have never ventured beyond their ergonomic office chairs.

“We’re advocating for a Home Office without a home, literally,” chuckled the petition organizer. “Think of it as a team-building exercise for them. Maybe they’ll discover a newfound appreciation for borders.”

Critics, however, question the practicality of such a proposal. “Deporting an entire government department seems a tad ambitious, if not logistically impossible,” remarked a skeptical political analyst. “But hey, satire knows no bounds.”

As the petition gains momentum, its unexpected success has prompted conversations about the role of satire in political discourse. Some see it as a brilliant commentary on the frustrations with bureaucracy, while others are left wondering if it’s a sign that the line between satire and reality has become a little too blurry.

In the midst of it all, Home Office workers are reportedly taking it in stride, with some even suggesting a team-building retreat to the borderless wonders of Narnia. Whether this petition is a stroke of genius or just a momentary internet fad, one thing is certain: it’s given bureaucrats and activists alike something to chuckle about between visa applications and deportation hearings.