In a stunning revelation that has left members of the group “Queers For Palestine” scratching their heads, it has been two months since their inception, and they are shocked to discover there are still zero queers in Palestine.

The group, founded on the premise of supporting LGBTQ+ rights in the Middle East, especially in Palestine, is now facing the harsh reality that their grand aspirations might have been a tad optimistic.

Spokesperson for the group, Rainbow Rhetoric, expressed their dismay, “We just assumed there would be a vibrant queer scene, fabulous pride parades, and maybe a drag queen or two in Palestine by now. But alas, it seems we might have been a bit ahead of our time.”

Undeterred by the lack of queer representation, Queers For Palestine has pledged to continue their fight for LGBTQ+ rights, even if it means doing so from the comfort of countries where such rights are already recognized.

“We’re like pioneers, bringing the rainbow revolution to places that might not even know they need it yet,” Rainbow Rhetoric declared optimistically.

Critics argue that perhaps the group should have done some basic fact-checking before launching their campaign. However, Queers For Palestine remains steadfast in their commitment, vowing to bring the queer agenda to regions that might not even have a closet, let alone someone in it.

As the group navigates the uncharted territory of their own assumptions, they are determined to forge ahead, proving that sometimes, the best intentions can lead you down a rainbow-colored rabbit hole of unexpected realizations.