A group of Muslims who converted to Christianity have announced their intention to host a “Change Minds Ahead Hog Roast Fund-raiser.” The event, slated to feature a succulent hog roast, aims to challenge stereotypes and spark conversations about religious flexibility over a plate of crispy crackling.

The converted Christians, once devout followers of Islam, are taking a bold step to prove that religious transitions can be as smooth as the perfect apple sauce to accompany a slow-roasted pig.

“We’ve discovered a newfound love for pulled pork and a passion for praising a different deity,” said one of the organizers, who wished to remain anonymous but emphasized the event’s mission to encourage religious exploration and tasty barbecue.

The hog roast fund-raiser is being hailed as a culinary crusade against the perception that changing one’s religious beliefs is a heavy, somber affair. The organizers believe that breaking bread (or rather, breaking pork) together will foster understanding and showcase the diversity of spiritual journeys.

“Islam to Christianity is a leap, but we’re making it a leap of faith with a side of coleslaw,” chuckled another organizer. “And besides, what better way to support our cause than through the universal language of barbecue?”

Critics argue that the event might inadvertently perpetuate stereotypes or offend sensibilities, but the organizers are confident that the aromatic allure of roasting meat will transcend any potential religious sensitivities.

As the hog roast looms on the horizon, it seems this group of former Muslims turned Christians is sizzling with enthusiasm to prove that breaking religious norms can be as delicious as breaking the crunchy skin of a perfectly roasted hog. Will the event change minds, or just make mouths water? Only time—and the sizzle of the barbecue—will tell.