Gary Lineker, the renowned footballer-turned-TV-presenter, has recently found himself in the midst of a tempestuous storm of indignation. And what, you may ask, has triggered such an outpouring of fury from the footballing legend? Well, hold onto your seats (preferably not the right wing ones), because it all comes down to a seating arrangement on a British Airways flight.

Lineker, known for his vocal opinions on matters ranging from football to politics, took to Twitter to express his dismay. The football pundit was reportedly “outraged” after being seated “on the right wing” during a recent flight. Yes, dear readers, you heard that right. Not only did Lineker have to suffer the indignity of sitting in a cramped aeroplane seat, but he was subjected to the dreaded “right wing” placement.

Now, we don’t know if British Airways intentionally orchestrated this seating arrangement as a sly dig at Lineker’s political leanings, or if it was simply an innocent oversight. Either way, the fallout has been nothing short of sensational. Social media was ablaze with hot takes and snarky comments, as Twitterati flocked to join the spectacle.

Supporters of Lineker were quick to rally behind their idol, accusing British Airways of blatant discrimination. “How dare they place the noble Gary Lineker on the right wing! This is an affront to everything we hold dear,” exclaimed one passionate fan. Another chimed in, “I demand a public apology and free access to crisps for life!”

On the other side of the aisle (pun intended), some netizens couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a lighthearted jab at Lineker’s political beliefs. “Maybe they just wanted to remind him of his days playing for Tottenham Hotspur,” quipped one mischievous tweeter. Another wryly suggested, “Maybe British Airways was just making sure he didn’t score an own goal in the cabin.”

Amidst the chaos, British Airways issued a public statement to address the situation. The airline assured the public that the seating arrangements were random and purely based on availability at the time of booking. They vehemently denied any political motive or intention to provoke the fiery footballer. “We deeply regret any inconvenience caused to Mr. Lineker and apologise for any misunderstanding,” the statement read.

However, the apology fell on deaf ears as Lineker refused to accept British Airways’ explanation. In a series of follow-up tweets, he declared that he would be boycotting the airline indefinitely. He also vowed to take legal action, seeking compensation for the emotional distress and the detrimental effect on his TV ratings.

As the news cycle churns on, one can’t help but wonder if this incident will have far-reaching consequences. Will airlines now face demands to customise seat placements based on passengers’ political preferences? Are we entering a brave new world where every seating decision becomes a political battleground?

One thing is for sure, dear readers, when it comes to Gary Lineker’s seating preferences, the “right wing” is definitely off-limits. And as the drama continues to unfold, we can only hope that this tempest in an aeroplane teapot will eventually find its resolution, allowing us all to move on to more pressing matters. Like why there isn’t a crisp flavour dedicated to Gary Lineker yet.