The Conservative Party has decided to fully embrace the “openly despising our own voters” strategy, a move hailed as ground-breaking by political pundits who have apparently been sipping on something stronger than tea.

The strategy, affectionately named “Project Alienation,” involves party members and leaders making even more condescending remarks about their base, just to keep things interesting. “We realized that subtlety wasn’t working, so why not just tell our voters how wrong they are directly?” said an anonymous party strategist while sipping champagne in an ivory tower.

One prominent Conservative MP expressed enthusiasm for the approach, stating, “It’s a brilliant plan. We can now skip the whole ‘pretending to care about what the people think’ charade and get straight to the part where we express our disdain for their plebeian choices.”

In a leaked memo, the party outlined various methods to implement the strategy, including mandatory eye-rolling during constituency visits, replacing handshakes with dismissive nods, and distributing pamphlets titled “You’re Doing Democracy Wrong: A Guide to Accepting Our Superior Judgment.”

The move has garnered mixed reactions from the party faithful. Some are puzzled, wondering if this is an elaborate satire, while others are just relieved that the party is finally being honest about their feelings.

In response to critics who questioned the wisdom of openly despising the people who vote for them, a Conservative spokesperson simply shrugged and said, “Who else are they going to vote for, the opposition? Please.”

As “Project Alienation” unfolds, political analysts eagerly anticipate whether the Conservatives will succeed in creating a new trend in political strategy or if this will go down as one of the most bizarre episodes in modern political history. Either way, voters are left wondering if they’ve stumbled into a political Twilight Zone where disdain is the new currency.