Liberals have set their sights on the majestic Himalayas, proposing to rename the iconic mountain range the “They/Themalayas.”

“It’s about inclusivity and breaking down the oppressive barriers of traditional geographic nomenclature,” declared one enthusiastic activist, armed with a thesaurus and a fervent desire to rewrite the world’s topography.

The proposal has left some locals bewildered, as they grapple with the sudden realization that even their mountains are subject to the ever-evolving lexicon of political correctness.

“We’ve called them the Himalayas for centuries,” said one resident. “Now they want us to call it the They/Themalayas? What happened to just enjoying the view?”

Environmentalists are also expressing concerns about the potential confusion caused by renaming a mountain range that is already a challenge to navigate. “Imagine trying to give directions: ‘Take a left at the They/Themalayas, and if you hit the Whatsthatpeak, you’ve gone too far.'”

Critics argue that this renaming effort is a slippery slope, questioning what’s next on the list. Will the Grand Canyon become the Gender-Fluid Canyon? Could Mount Everest transform into Peak Equality?

Undeterred, liberal activists are already eyeing the Sahara Desert for a potential rebranding, considering “They/Themara Desert” as a fitting option to reflect the non-binary essence of endless sand dunes.

As the debate continues, one thing is certain: liberals are determined to leave no geographical feature unturned in their quest for linguistic inclusivity, even if it means navigating the They/Themalayas on a map that might soon look like an elaborate game of Scrabble gone wrong.