London football hooligans have reportedly found a foolproof method to evade arrest during their traditional post-game rampages. The ingenious plan? Waving Palestinian flags and shifting their battle cries from opposing teams to geopolitical solidarity.

The hooligans, known for their fierce loyalty to their respective football clubs and an uncanny ability to engage in chaos, have apparently decided to employ a diversion straight out of the “Unexpected Ways to Escape Law Enforcement Handbook.”

“We figured, why not blend our love for our teams with a bit of global flair?” said one self-proclaimed ‘football enthusiast’ who may or may not have accidentally set a few cars ablaze in his time. “Palestinian flags not only add a touch of international intrigue but also provide excellent cover for our, uh, ‘enthusiastic celebrations.'”

Eyewitnesses report scenes of hooligans strategically draping themselves in flags while hurling creative chants that seamlessly transition from team rivalries to geopolitical commentary. One observer noted, “It was like watching a Shakespearean play, but with more swearing and less iambic pentameter.”

The mastermind behind this innovative strategy, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, stated, “We realized that chanting about football alone was getting a bit stale. By incorporating global issues, we’re not just hooligans; we’re hooligans with a cause.”

Police, initially perplexed by the sudden surge of international solidarity among the hooligans, are now scrambling to adapt. “It’s like they attended a workshop on how to make riots woke,” remarked one bemused officer.

Only time will tell if this trend catches on with hooligans worldwide, but for now, London’s football-related chaos has taken an unexpected turn toward the diplomatic. Who knew that a love for football and a touch of international relations could go hand in hand?