In a twist that has left Australia reeling, the land Down Under is facing an unprecedented shortage of bush tucker. The crisis is believed to be directly linked to the unrelenting appetite of Nigel Farage, who, in a surprising turn of events, is now a contestant on “I’m A Celebrity.”

As Farage gallivants through the Australian wilderness in pursuit of reality show glory, locals are noticing a distinct depletion in their traditional bush tucker supplies. The iconic witchetty grubs, quandong berries, and yabbies, once plentiful in the Australian outback, are reportedly vanishing faster than Farage can say “Brexit means Brexit.”

“It’s a catastrophe, mate! We’re running out of tucker, and I blame that Farage bloke,” exclaimed a distressed local, waving a eucalyptus branch in frustration.

The shortage has prompted concerns about the delicate ecological balance of Australia’s unique flora and fauna. Conservationists worry that Farage’s enthusiastic foraging for “I’m A Celebrity” challenges might be disrupting the delicate ecosystems that sustain these bush delicacies.

While Farage has become an unexpected sensation on the reality show, his impact on the local environment has not gone unnoticed. Rumors circulate that the production crew is secretly shipping in supplies of Vegemite and Tim Tams to compensate for the sudden bush tucker vacuum.

The shortage has sparked a national conversation about the unintended consequences of reality television, prompting some to question whether the pursuit of entertainment is worth the sacrifice of beloved native foods.

As Australia grapples with the fallout from Farage’s bush tucker exploits, the rallying cry of “We’re gonna need more testicles!” has taken on new meaning, not just for reality TV challenges but for the preservation of Australia’s culinary heritage. The nation waits with bated breath to see if Farage’s quest for survival will lead to a bush tucker rebound or if Australia will have to rethink its reality TV culinary sacrifices.