Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has commended Hamas for their treatment of Israeli hostages, likening them to “modern day Florence Nightingales.” Corbyn’s comments came after a number of hostages were released from Gaza, an event that he believes showcases Hamas’s exemplary care.

During an impromptu press conference, Corbyn praised the militant group for their “dedication to humanitarian principles,” citing the release of hostages as evidence of their benevolence. “The release of these hostages proves that Hamas took good care of them. They’ve behaved like modern day Florence Nightingales,” Corbyn declared, much to the astonishment of onlookers.

Corbyn’s comparison to the famous nurse, known for her compassionate care and tireless work in improving medical conditions, has been met with widespread incredulity. “It’s one thing to acknowledge the release of hostages, but equating Hamas to Florence Nightingale is beyond absurd,” commented one bewildered analyst.

Social media erupted in a flurry of memes and satirical commentary, with many questioning Corbyn’s grasp on the realities of the situation. One popular tweet read, “Next up: Corbyn praises Genghis Khan for his pioneering spirit in urban redevelopment.”

Critics argue that Corbyn’s remarks are not only out of touch but also dangerously misleading, painting a false picture of a complex and violent conflict. “Hamas is a recognized terrorist organization, and to romanticize their actions is an insult to the victims and their families,” said a spokesperson for a human rights organization.

Supporters of Corbyn, however, defended his stance, claiming that his comments were intended to highlight the potential for peace and dialogue. “Jeremy has always been an advocate for finding common ground, even in the most difficult circumstances,” explained a close aide.

As the debate continues to rage, Corbyn’s latest remarks have once again spotlighted his controversial approach to international politics. While his intentions may be rooted in a desire for peace, the former Labour leader’s tendency to make provocative comparisons ensures that his statements remain as divisive as ever.

For now, the world watches in bemusement as Corbyn’s words echo through the halls of political discourse, leaving many to ponder the curious case of a politician who sees Florence Nightingale in the actions of Hamas.