The Liberal Democrats have announced a ground-breaking rebrand. Effective immediately, the party will be known as ‘Strategic Vote,’ a name change that aims to more accurately reflect their core purpose in British politics.

“Let’s face it, everyone knows the main reason people vote for us is to stop the other guy,” said a candid spokesperson for the newly minted Strategic Vote party. “So why not lean into it? Honesty is the best policy, after all.”

The rebranding effort comes amid a series of focus group sessions where the overwhelming feedback was that voters saw the Lib Dems not as a primary choice but as a tactical maneuver. “We found that our supporters view us as a political Swiss Army knife,” explained the spokesperson. “We’re handy in a pinch, versatile, and good for those times when you just need to pry open a coalition government.”

The new name has been met with mixed reactions. Die-hard supporters of the party have expressed pride in their newfound honesty. “Finally, a name that speaks to our true role in the democratic process,” said one enthusiastic party member. “We’ve always been about strategy over substance, and now we wear it like a badge of honor.”

Critics, however, have been quick to pounce. “This is a new low, even for them,” quipped a Tory MP. “I suppose next they’ll rebrand as the ‘Protest Vote’ party for all those who just want to stick it to the establishment.”

Meanwhile, Labour officials have expressed mild irritation at the move, with one insider grumbling, “We were hoping to corner the market on strategic voting ourselves. Now we have to compete with them in the race to be everyone’s second choice.”

The first Strategic Vote party conference is expected to focus on further refining their unique brand of tactical politics. Workshops include “How to Be Just Credible Enough,” “Maximizing the Protest Vote,” and the always popular, “Winning Local Councils While Avoiding National Responsibility.”

As the rebranded party gears up for the next election, political analysts are left wondering if this bold new strategy will pay off. One thing is certain: the Strategic Vote party is committed to ensuring that when it comes to casting a ballot, they remain the default option for those who can’t decide between the devil they know and the devil they don’t.

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