The Scottish government has introduced a new hate crime bill that critics argue could land every foul-mouthed drunk or junkie in Glasgow behind bars. According to a supposed SNP insider, this bill is so sweeping that it could practically clear the streets of the city – and, to be fair, that’s most of the population.

The bill, which aims to crack down on hate speech and discriminatory behavior, has been met with skepticism from some quarters, with many questioning the practicality and fairness of such broad legislation.

“Sure, hate speech is bad, but do we really want to fill our prisons with every Glaswegian who has a bit of a potty mouth after a few pints?” remarked one concerned citizen, echoing the sentiments of many.

Indeed, the prospect of police officers patrolling Glasgow’s streets armed with soap and handcuffs has left many wondering if the Scottish government has lost touch with reality.

“We’re talking about a city where ‘wee dafty’ is practically a term of endearment,” quipped another resident. “Are we going to start locking up grannies for calling each other ‘old coots’ next?”

Despite the uproar, the SNP seems undeterred, with party insiders insisting that the bill is necessary to create a more tolerant and inclusive society. When pressed about the potential implications for Glasgow’s population, the insider reportedly shrugged and muttered something about “collateral damage.”

As the debate over the hate crime bill rages on, one thing is clear: in the eyes of some, the line between hate speech and colourful Glaswegian banter has never been blurrier. And if this bill passes, it might just be the end of an era for Glasgow’s boisterous pub culture.